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So…you need security guard gear and equipment?

If you’ve read our other pages you’ll see that we’ve already asked you that question. We ask questions like this again and again because we really want you to think about it before you dive into this career field.

It’s not just about wearing a cool uniform with a license to arrest people while carrying a gun. It is also about the fact that you have no idea what is going to come your way when report for work each day.

Security guards have been killed or wounded in the line of duty many times over the last few years. Now, with the threat of terrorism, school shootings, shootings in the workplace or in simple department stores – you really need to be more prepared than ever before!

Well, we can help with that, because we’ve hooked up with to bring you the best and most affordable security gear in the industry. – Enjoy!


If you’re really planning on becoming a security guard,

then put yourself in the place of these two officers and think about how you would handle the situation. Are you strong enough?

  • Are you out numbered?
  • Are you using enough force to handle the situation?

You may only get a moment or two to get the upper hand in a situation like this – so be prepared. After watching it – think about what a simple can of pepper spray done for these guys.


Caution: The video below contains profanity, violence and bloodshed – watch it at your own risk. However, sometimes, there’s nothing like a real life scenario to give you a wake-up call.



Spy-Tronix has the best Security Guard Gear and Equipment

We’ve teamed up with Spy-Tronix to give you the edge in finding the best Security Officer equipment on the market today.


Like what you see below?  …Click here to go to!



Like what you see below?  …Click here to go to!


Security Guard Equipment Gear


You can easily see that Spy-Tronix has a little bit of everything for your security guard gear and equipment needs! Just make sure that you don’t go out on the job without the right gear by your side. “The life you save just may be your own!”


Affordability: “I can’t afford to spend money on security equipment.”

We know this one very well, too; times are tough and it’s true that some security gadgets do cost a pretty penny. But we’re telling you honestly, your security gear purchase will have paid for itself (in peace of mind) as soon as you get the results – proof – evidence – or self-defense that you need.


How much is spy and security gear worth to you:

  • to find out who’s been going through your desk and things at work
  • to find out where your kids are really going after school
  • to catch the apartment maintenance guy in your apartment while you’re at work
  • to catch a babysitter or relative neglecting your child when they should be taking care of them
  • to catch a friend or neighbor going into your bedroom when they should have been in the hall bathroom
  • to get proof and evidence of a burglar in your home – when they thought they got a way freely
  • to have an $8 can of pepper spray on your keyring the next time you’re in a bad environment or dark parking lot
  • to know that you have a stun gun flashlight helping you change a tire on the highway as a stranger approaches
  • …We’ve seen and heard it all.  > Our products pay for themselves by giving you the edge you need in a bad situation.


Knowledge or Know How: “I don’t know how to use this kind of equipment.”

Don’t let our high-tech gadgets fool you – they’re very easy to use! Really, most anything we sell can be taken out of the package and used immediately.

  • Some things need to be charged for an hour or two
  • Some need a memory card inserted
  • Our internet cameras require that you install software onto your computer
  • Some cameras need to be plugged into a wall socket
  • You need to tell some cameras how you’d like them to record (like programming your VCR)
  • GPS devices require that you install software onto your computer
  • But that’s about as tough as it gets with our spy equipment.

In general, we usually tell customers that their cell phone is harder to operate than anything we sell on our site.

  • Find it.
  • Select it.
  • Buy it.
  • Receive it.
  • Set-it up.
  • Let our high-tech spy, security, and surveillance gear to the work for you!
  • Get the peace of mind you deserve.


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