Security Guard Training Requirements by State


So…you want to become a security guard?

Well, we salute you in your quest to do so – keep on going and give it your best shot. Being a security officer is not only a truly exciting and rewarding job to have, but as you work your way up the food chain to a higher level in the security guard industry – there is a lot of money to be made.

To support your endeavors, our mission is to provide quality information and resources that you can use to get security guard training and to further your higher education in the right direction.

From this page, you can conduct a good search for a security job in your area. Or you can search through each state to see where the best and most affordable security classes and training can be found.

Remember, just because your state does not currently have a solid foundation or program for security guard training – it does not mean that you can’t get “online security guard training” or take classes from another state.

It’s a good idea to contact your state authorities on licensing and requirement issues and then conduct your search for the right training. You don’t want to pay money or spend time on training when that training is not accredited or acknowledged in the state in which you want to live.

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It’s true, there are some very smart and intelligent (well trained and educated) officers out there today. Many have come from former military or law enforcement positions or employment.

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General Security Guard Knowledge and Job Duties

Making use of radio and telephone communications, security officers spend their shifts ready to make a call for assistance in case of a fire or emergency medical issue.

Any incident that occurs on each work shift is recorded in a log book or printed in a thorough document that highlights their observations and the situations that transpired in their shift.

At specific places, or for various kinds of incidents, security guards may need to interview witnesses or even testify in a courtroom. This is why you’ll need to take the proper classes, training and education before you start this career. It’s not just about wearing a badge, uniform and a radio – it is a very serious and demanding job.

Even though the profession can certainly be described in basic terms, the size and location of the organization can decide what responsibilities a security officer may be expected to do on a regular basis.


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security guard uses pepper spray

security officer uses pepper spray on suspect


Many shopping centers and theaters recently have chosen to employ a protection team to monitor the parking lots and give protection to customers from theft. With a department store, a security officer may aid in apprehending shoplifters and protecting the cash register deposit.

Armed guards in particular must possess a driver’s license and a great work background. Since armed guards must possess a gun during the work shift, they must be licensed with the government and receive a special certification. Though these opportunities require more responsibility, they will provide a higher level of pay.

Those who want a job and begin their security guard training can expect to undergo a criminal record background and fingerprint check. Job seekers ought to be in good physical shape and have a decent character referral.

Right after they are on the job, nearly all companies will proceed to give incoming security guards specialized security guard training. It might include crisis prevention, communications, first aid and logbook writing.