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So…you want to become a security guard? Well, we salute you in your quest to do so – keep on going and give it your best shot.

Being a security officer is not only a truly exciting and rewarding job to have, but as you work your way up the food chain to a higher level in the security guard industry – there is a lot of money to be made.

To support your endeavors, our mission is to provide quality information and resources that you can use to get security guard training and to further your higher education in the right direction.

It’s true, there are some very smart and intelligent (well trained and educated) officers out there today. Many have come from former military or law enforcement positions or employment.

Then, we’ll go one step further and point you towards the best self-defense equipment, uniforms, badges and other gear of the trade. We wish you all the best in your security guard quest. Bookmark our site now and watch it grow!

Some of the top pages on our site are linked to in our main menu. You’ll find great information about security guard pay – wages and salaries. We even list the average yearly salaries by state.

On our home page, we also have a United States of America map that will show you basic training requirements, facility locations, links to applications and forms. With just a click of your mouse (or a tap on your cell phone or tablet) – you can quickly go between different states to see what is required to be a security officer.

We also have a page for Armed Security Guard information. That’s a big decision that you’ll want to make at some point a long your career. Being an armed guard has the potential to give you fatter paychecks, but it also comes with a lot of danger and responsibility. We discuss those things on our Armed Security Guard page.

Finally, whether you’re on your way to becoming a security guard or you’ve been a security officer for years on end – make sure to checkout Spy-Tronix Security Warehouse for all of your gear, equipment, and security guard supplies!


Thanks again for joining our list – we know you’re going to make it big!

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